Saturday, August 21, 2010

Big Jan's my Man

A biscuit over 300 Bills.
A HomeTown Staffer was sitting in a barber chair wearing his hometown sports tee-shirt.  An older gentlemen said, "I love Hometown Sports.  I watch that channel all the time.  Big Jan Boser is my man".  The Staffer asked him what he thought about "Jerry Baker".  Puzzled, the guy said he was unfamiliar with the name.  "He's the other announcer", said the Staffer.  The gentlemen said, "Oh he's good too."  The Staffer paused then asked, "haven't you heard Jerry call games for the Pacers and the Indiana State Finals?"  The guys says," I just moved here from North Dakota last year."  So We've concluded that Jan is bigger than Hall of Fame announcer Jerry Baker....apparently in North Dakota!

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