Wednesday, May 25, 2011

NCAA Baseball Championship

We're off to Cary, North Carolina to televise the NCAA Division II Baseball National Championship.  Greg Rakestraw is joined this year by Joe Castellano in the booth.  Watch live on the internet: beginning this Saturday at 1pm EST.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Welcome Boiler TV

Welcome BTV, Boiler TV...the Purdue Cable Television system who carries our games on channel 6.2

Harrison @ Noblesville Tonight

HCC baseball wraps up this year as Harrison of West Lafayette visits the Noblesville Millers in baseball action.  Here's the air times:
  • Sat. 5/21 at 8pm
  • Sun, 5/22 at 5pm
  • Mon, 5/23 at 10pm.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Indianapolis Speedrome Racing to air on HTSN

Tonight at 8pm (Thurs, May 19th) HomeTown Sports & News will air the complete Bryant Heating and Cooling Indianapolis Speedrome® racing program from July 10, 2010. The event includes 3 50-lap features for the Dad’s Truck & Auto Late Models plus races for the Peters Auto Service Stocks, Thirsty Turtle Tavern Hornets, Circle City Pyrotechnics Junior Faskarts, Roadrunners, and Pepsi Bikes. The program will air again on Sunday May 29th at 2p and Thursday, June 30th at 7pm.
  • HTSN can be found on Comcast Channel 420/247, Brighthouse Ch. 164 and over the air on Ch. 6.2

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

More Baseball Tonight at 8pm

WRTV 6.2, HomeTown Sports and News will have the Westfield v. Noblesville baseball game at 8pm Tonight.  Ever see a high school no-hitter?

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Westfield v. Noblesville Baseball LIVE

The Shamrocks and Millers face off in HCC baseball, live, Tuesday night at 6pm on HTSH, WRTV 6.2.

Monday, May 16, 2011

High School Baseball this week on HTSN

HomeTown Sports will be producing 2 HS baseball games this week.
  • The Westfield Shamrocks and the Noblesville Millers face off in HCC baseball, live, Tuesday night at 6pm on HTSN, WRTV 6.2. Replays follow Wed, 5/18 at 8p, and Sun, 5/22 at 12 noon.
  • On Saturday, May 21st at 8pm, catch more exciting HS baseball as the Laf. Harrison Raiders travel to Noblesville to take on the Millers. Additional replays are Sun, 5/22 at 5pm and Mon, 5/23 at 10pm.
HTSN can be found on Comcast Channel 420/247, Brighthouse Ch. 164 and over the air on Ch. 6.2

Saturday, May 14, 2011

2011 Bowling State Championships

HTSN, WRTV 6.2 will air the 2011 Indiana High School Bowling State Championships on Monday at 8PM.  Join Jerry Baker and Mike Auby as they narrate the action.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Baseball Rivalry Live Today on HTSN

Catch a huge  HCC baseball rivalry as Noblesville hosts Hamilton Southeastern today at 6pm.  The game is live on HTSN and replayed at 10pm.

LIVE High School Baseball Tonight!

HomeTown Sports Indiana and HTSN present more live HS Baseball as Hamilton Southeastern travels to Noblesville. HTSN can be found on Comcast Channel 420/247, Brighthouse Ch. 164 and over the air on Ch. 6.2 Replays can seen at 10pm tonight, Wed, 5/11 at 10pm, and Sunday, 5/15 at 4pm

Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Your Game Televised!

HomeTown Sports is often asked how we do our game selections.  Generally speaking, coverage is determine by the source of revenue.  Colleges see sports as a great marketing tool and underwrite the production and airing.   Wabash, UIndy, Marian and Franklin are just a few of our partners.

Certain championship games are underwritten by the IHSAA or the sponsoring organization as an extention of their charter and  as a tool to sell advertising.

High School game selection becomes more undefined.  Often, we have a champion in a community who rises to find local businesses to advertise and cover the costs.  Center Grove, Noblesville and Hamilton Southeastern are examples.  This is normally done thru the booster club or parents association who desire exposure for the student-athlete, community and school.

Other amateur events are funded by dues to an organization who then contract with HomeTown Sports Indiana.  An example would be the Indiana Bowling State Championships or an AAU event.

Finally, we have our own advertisers.  They'll either desire specific local games if their customer base is localized (such as a community hospital) or regional exposure (such as Edward Jones).   These games will be targeted for the desired demographics of the client.

So, getting your game on TV isn't difficult, it's just a slight economic challenge.  The bottom line... HomeTown Sports is priced at about one half that of our competitors.  In the words of one of our college athletic director partners, who switched to HomeTown...."You guys are half the price and twice as good as the 'other' guy.  We're getting four times the value!"

Contact us:

Live High School Baseball

WRTV and HomeTown Sports
WRTV and HomeTown Sports produced Thursday's Avon v. Noblesville baseball game in what was arguably, the first ever live telecast of a regular season high school baseball game in Indiana!  But that's just the beginning...look for 50 live, local sporting telecasts in the coming year from the new "hometown team" in sports production.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Replay dates for Softball & Baseball on HTSN

  • HS Baseball - Avon@Noblesville : LIVE on May 5th at 6pm, replay at 10pm. May 8th at 7pm.
  • HS Baseball - Delphi@Noblesville: May 6th at 7pm,. May 11th at 8pm. May 13th at 10pm.
  • HS Softball - Noblesville@HSE: May 6th at 11pm. May 6th at 11pm. May 7th at 11pm. May 8th at 4pm.

Avon vs. Noblesville LIVE Tonight

The Avon Orioles face the Millers in live HCC baseball action tonight at 6pm on HTSN, digital 6.2.  A replay will be shown at 10pm.  Check your cable listings for your channel to catch HomeTown Sports and News on WRTV.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Softball Tonight - Finally

Tonight: #2 HSE v. #5 Noblesville in HS softball. Game debuts 11p on HTSN 6.2, Comcast 420, BH 164. #rtv6

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Softball Postponed

Today's Noblesville v. HSE softball game has been postponed.  A make up game tomorrow is tentatively on the schedule.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Airing on HTSN 6.2

WRTV 6.2 will air the Noblesville v. Delphi baseball game on Friday May 6th at 7pm.   Also this week, catch HSE v. Noblesville Softball on Wednesday at 7pm and live high school baseball on Thursday at 6pm.