Friday, May 6, 2011

Get Your Game Televised!

HomeTown Sports is often asked how we do our game selections.  Generally speaking, coverage is determine by the source of revenue.  Colleges see sports as a great marketing tool and underwrite the production and airing.   Wabash, UIndy, Marian and Franklin are just a few of our partners.

Certain championship games are underwritten by the IHSAA or the sponsoring organization as an extention of their charter and  as a tool to sell advertising.

High School game selection becomes more undefined.  Often, we have a champion in a community who rises to find local businesses to advertise and cover the costs.  Center Grove, Noblesville and Hamilton Southeastern are examples.  This is normally done thru the booster club or parents association who desire exposure for the student-athlete, community and school.

Other amateur events are funded by dues to an organization who then contract with HomeTown Sports Indiana.  An example would be the Indiana Bowling State Championships or an AAU event.

Finally, we have our own advertisers.  They'll either desire specific local games if their customer base is localized (such as a community hospital) or regional exposure (such as Edward Jones).   These games will be targeted for the desired demographics of the client.

So, getting your game on TV isn't difficult, it's just a slight economic challenge.  The bottom line... HomeTown Sports is priced at about one half that of our competitors.  In the words of one of our college athletic director partners, who switched to HomeTown...."You guys are half the price and twice as good as the 'other' guy.  We're getting four times the value!"

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